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Middle School

Basic general education refers to 5 - 9 grades. This level of school is focused on individual approach to each student, gives basic knowledge in the main areas of sciences, allows identifying individual interests and display the talents of children. 

Education, which includes learning skills, does not become obsolete overnight... Rather, it prepares the learners to have a long intellectual conversation with the world and thus not to rest in their intellectual growth. (C. Temple)  

The main advantages of our school at this level of education include: 

  • Commitment to individual work with child, search and realization of their talents, elimination of complexes 

  • Provision of students with maximum physical and psychological comfort during lessons and breaks 

  • High quality of education that is achieved by attracting highly-qualified teaching staff  . 

  • Complete satisfaction of students’ educational requests  

  • Use of the maximum of facilities and software tools to improve the quality  of children's learning material perception  

Mode of study 

  • Full-time study
  • Half board
  • Students (under the guidance of a teacher or independently) do homework, attend extracurricular classes, play active games in the open air.  School provides students with three-day adequate nutrition.