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The varied program of “Istochnik” camp allows children to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of brotherhood and amazing adventures.

It is very important for us that children in our camp can develop that is why various activities always alternate in “Istochnik” camp: physical activity (exercises, football, pioneerball, karate, golf, dance),

intellectual activity (Triz, chess, foreign languages), creative activity (drama, music, art therapy,

sculpting, choreography, beading).

We make every effort to ensure that recreation of our small guests is as diverse as possible and everyone can find a hobby to taste: fun competitions or games, shows or performances, competitions or quests, hikes or discos.

Staying with us is really a superior recreation for children, since we use modern methods and techniques of work, guarantee absolute safety for children, have qualified specialists and comfortable conditions, provide children with healthy and tasty four-day meals.