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We understand that the arrangement of classrooms in kindergarten is an important element of everyday activity.

First of all, ISI kindergarten classes are absolutely safe. We have followed all the rules, instructions and regulations regarding to the organization of classrooms. Children are always at visibility distance, and the teacher has a great opportunity to control them.

Our classes are bright, comfortable and attractive for learning. The presence of specially planned training areas for certain classes (block zones, art zones, Montessori zones, etc.) helps children to focus and teaches to be responsible.

The availability of the latest technologies and software, such as SmartBoard (multimedia presentations, interactive games), mozaBook (interactive 3D models, educational videos and animation, media lexicon) and many others allows us to make the quality of teaching/learning process higher. 

How to apply 


  • Step 1

    Call us +7 (8422) 26-04-18

    We will be happy to answer all your questions and invite you to your first interview. We are waiting for your call!

  • Step 2

    Visit our school

    You can talk to the principal, teachers and have a look at the educational process and the infrastructure.

  • Step 3


    At the appointed time, you must go through an on-line interview with the educator on Skype.

  • Step 4

    Contract conclusion

    Submission of documents for admission to school and the conclusion of an agreement on education for preschool, primary, basic or secondary general education programs.