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For 15 years "Istochnik" has been the center of attraction for boys and girls of different ages, hobbies and abilities.

The main value for us is children, smiles, and friendship! And friendship, which has its springs in our summer camp, unites people for years to come.

"Istochnik" is unique in its identity, atmosphere of special children's brotherhood, and bright traditions. Legends and dedications, favorite songs and ardent speeches, adventure quests and themed holidays, evening gatherings at the fire and delicious marshmallows - all of these things give a sense of involvement in something important and special.

For many children, the days spent in "Istochnik" became one of the most striking events in their lives. It is no coincidence that the children, who have been here, come to us over and over again!

There are many of us! It is impossible to express in words all the joy when you see an “Istochnik” T-shirt, a cap, a badge, your friends’ smiles or hear familiar tunes to our songs. And that is mighty good!