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About school

ISI is a school that forms a socially active, harmonically developed, and creative personality. ISI provides vital conditions for each child’s actualization of internal activity aimed at developing their own physical, intellectual and moral courage.

Even in such a difficult period of the pandemics, we support our students and provide our students with emotional and intellectual support.

If you care about your child’s health, and yet you do not want your child to drop out of learning process, ISI offers a format of distance learning. It is important to know that this learning model involves combining not only on-line work of students, but also their independent activities outside of classes. The format is designed so that children are not at their computers throughout the whole day. Our programme implies no more than 4 lessons per day and mandatory time for consultations when students can ask their questions on every academic subject, and get clarification on tasks.  

Advantages of online format:

  • training is provided by the best teachers not only of our country but also from abroad (English-native speakers)

  • academic subjects can be taught from anywhere in the world

  • maximum immersion in each discipline due to the small number of classes per day and the availability of time for consultations
  • development of children's autonomy and self-organization
  • each child is able to learn in their own rhythm, combining studies at home and on-line classes
Online schedule:

  • online lessons in all academic subjects of mandatory state curriculum once a week; it is more often in main subjects (Russian, Mathematics, English)
  • beginning of classes at 09:00 am (08:00 am Moscow time); there are 3-4 classes per day; time of each class is 60 minutes
  • purpose of each lesson is to give a maximum overview of a new topic, and set a vector for its independent studies
  • during the day, the schedule provides time for individual or group consultations (30 minutes) for each subject

How to enrol your child in on-line ISI 
  • Step 1

    Call us +7 (8422) 26-04-18

    We will be happy to answer all your questions and invite you to your first interview. We are waiting for your call!

  • Step 2

    Prepare child's place for studies

    Check compliance with technical requirements and availability of all necessary equipment to achieve maximum quality of communication and training.

  • Step 3


    At the appointed time, it is necessary to pass tests in three subjects (Russian, Mathematics and English) and an on-line interview with a teacher on Skype. For incoming first graders - only on-line interview on Skype.

  • Step 4

    Conclusion of an agreement

    Submission of documents for admission to school and the conclusion of an agreement on education for preschool, primary, compulsory or secondary general education programs.