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Educational model

The basis of ISI educational model is a personal-oriented and humanist approach, which is based on love and recognition of the individuality of each student. The joint activity of students and teachers is aimed at self-realization and development of personal qualities of students during the development of the educational program at all levels of studies. Educational and personal successes of our students are based on the principles of student-teacher-parent cooperation.

The purpose of any school should always be to educate a harmonious person not a specialist. (Albert Einstein)

  • The length of school year is 34 academic weeks and includes 6 academic periods combined into three trimesters. At the end of each trimester, midterm assessment is carried out.
  • Full-time studies. Half board - students under the guidance of teacher perform creative homework, attend extracurricular interest classes, play mobile games in the open air. School provides students with a full three-day meals. 

  • After each of 6 academic periods, creative vacations are organized for students, during which various creative and educational activities are held at school. 

  • Step 1


    Children from 3 to 6 years old are accepted into preschool group. A comprehensive program of not only education, but also personal development, allows children to learn to be independent, creative, well-rounded, and friendly. 

  • Step 2

    Primary school

    1 - 4 classes. Education is based on three components: research, activity, and analysis. All this allows students to actively develop skills in thinking, communication, self-government, and introspection. 

  • Step 3

    Middle school

    5 - 9 classes. This level of school gives basic knowledge in main areas of sciences, and allows us to identify individual interests in each student. Obtaining a Certificate in Basic General Education. 

  • Step 4

    Senior school

    10 - 11th grade. Completion stage of school education aimed at vocational orientation based on individualization. Obtaining a Certificate of Secondary General Education.