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For parents

We are pleased to cooperate with parents who have taken an interest in our camp’s programs and capabilities and who decided to entrust us with summer rest of their child.

Be assured that your children  are in safe and caring hands of our staff. Children will never be bored. Many exciting activities await them. They will be able to show their talents as well as their creative, intellectual, and sports abilities.

Over 15 years, ISI has developed its own culture of communication, based on the principles of good, trust, respect, cooperation, and creation.

Children welcome self-serving work: making the bed up, garment care, duty in our dining room.

Communication of children with the outside world is not prohibited, but it is regulated by the rules of our camp. In order to involve children in diverse activities, various events, and communication with each other, we limit the use of mobile devices, access to the Internet and entertainment applications. We ask parents to contact their children at a certain time (quiet hour, time of silence before bedtime).  However, parents can contact our counselors or camp administration at any time.

This is important: If there are any wishes, recommendations or information about individual features of your child, which will allow us to help them adapt to being in our camp faster, inform your counselors on the first day.

Nutrition: The main principles of nutrition in “Istochnik” are safety and quality. There are no spicy, salty, or fried foods, heat untreated omilk foods (except for yogurt, kefir). ISI serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, as well as a useful snack before going to bed. ISI menu is healthy and nutritional. The menu was developed by a nutritionist, and all meals are prepared at school. ISI pays close attention to students with special nutritional needs such as allergies, diabetes, GI disorders.

Recommended list of items a child needs:

  • sports suit; closed footwear
  • change of clothes: T-shirts, shorts, socks
  • head-dress
  • comfortable shoes for everyday wear
  • indoor footwear and flip flops
  • body hygiene kit
  • underwear and sleep wear
  • warm clothes
  • braws for stage and discos
  • sunscreen and sunglasses
  • swimsuit/slips, pool towel
  • windbreaker, jeans for hiking and walking in the forest
  • water bottle (sports)
  • books, favorite toys

  • Step 1

    To conclude an agreement, you need to send scans of the following documents to email

    Child's birth certificate

    Parent's passport

    Certificate of insurance

    Completed agreements


  • Step 2

    Within 3 days, the scan of your agreement on purchasing ISI summer camp voucher will be sent to your e-mail address.

  • Step 3

    You make a non-cash payment using the details specified in your agreement

    Payment options:
    - On Sberbank on-line. Section Payments-Education-International School “Istochnik” (for summer camp)
    - In any other bank. According to the details of your agreement
    Original documents can be obtained from the school's accounts office.

  • Step 4

    Our administrator will contact you shortly

    You can obtain more information by phone on: