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Summer kindergarten

Summer is an amazing time to walk, run and jump. And this is as it should be because child needs rest, gain strength, and boost immune system! It would be a good thing if it were fascinating, jolly and At the same time it would be fun, fun and beneficial to intellectual development!

We invite your children to spend interesting and useful holidays at Summer Cottages in “Istochnik” school!

We know perfectly well what growing child needs. These are fun and cognitive games, fresh air and exercise, healthy meals, attentive adults, unconditional love and care.

We will go together on an amazing journey in search of knowledge about the world and ourselves.  Discovering new and important things, children will develop self-confidence, interest and trust in the world with each step they make.

Every day in «Istochnik» gives a new story, fairytale, and adventure. And amazing adults can transform into good wizards or merry pranksters! That is where the real miracle is!

We are confident that the memories of summer time, games, walks, holidays and entertainment will continue to delight children for a long time to come.

It is important to us:

  • ensuring the absolute security of children in our kindergarten
  • comfort and individual approach to each child
  • tasty and healthy five-day balanced meals
  • ecologically clean place
  • high quality of services provided
  • commitment to the development of a well-diversified, self-confident person of today

Precise programme of summer kindergarten includes:

  • adventure-learning quests
  • daily immersion in Montessori environment in playful way
  • enrichment courses: music, dance, drama
  • environmental research
  • sand and water games
  • days of good deeds, fairy tales, and art
  • reading fiction
  • creative workshops
  • jolly English
  • chess
  • active games and outdoor sports
  • hydrotherapeutic, swimming in the pool

Working regime of Summer Cottages meets the requirements of sanitary regulations and standars for kindergartens: 9 am to 18 pm on weekdays.

The kindergarten is located in ISI pre-school block, which consists of two bedrooms, a play room, a music room and a research room.

In order to involve children in interesting adventures and legends, the agreement is concluded for 21 days according to the dates of the camp sessions.

Cost - 36 000 RUB