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Our camp is located in a forested area by the Volga riverbank. 5 hectares of well-maintained oak grove makes it possible to provide conditions for a full-fledged country vacation with round-the-clock accommodation.

In its work, the Camp uses the entire infrastructure of International School Istochnik: a library, creative workshops, concert hall, recording studio, and sports complexes. There are playgrounds, tarzanka, tennis court, roller tracks, stadium, pool, golf course, basketball and volleyball court outdoors.

For all children’s detachments, their rooms in the building and gazebos in the territory are equipped. Sleeping rooms are organized on the second floor of the school building.

On the territory of camp "Istochnik" there are several tents, in which a midday nap and separate thematic activities are organized. Romantic of living in a tent life is always attractive for children and adolescents. This is a unique socio-pedagogical environment in which communication with nature becomes far more accessible. Tent camp itself is (of course, with its competent organization) part of nature - it is easily and harmoniously embedded in nature.

The main principles of nutrition in “Istochnik” are safety and quality. There are no spicy, salty or fried foods, heat untreated or cultured milk foods (except for yogurt, kefir).

ISI serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper as well as a useful snack before going to bed. ISI menu is healthy and nutritional. The menu was developed by a nutritionist, and all meals are cooked at school.

ISI pays close attention to students with special nutritionak needs, such as allergies, diabetes, and GI disorders.