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Strong team

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Team, team work, team spirit - these definitions are widely used. It is impossible to imagine ISI without these essential qualities of work. Teamwork ability is considered as basic competence of each teacher.

Modern education does not stay stagnant and is not limited to the framework of FSES. The school board, together with methodologists and teachers, constantly monitors world innovations and developments in the field of education as well as ratings of countries in education space.

The majority of our school teachers have been trained internationally and hold International Baccalaureate certificates. IB is a recognized leader among international educational programmes.


Participation in international forums and trainings:

2018 - participation in International Methodological Association of Teachers "Innovative Technologies in Education" (Leisen, Switzerland)

2019 - participation in international educational forum dedicated to author's approach in training (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2020 - participation in educational marathon "Phenomenon-oriented learning" (Helsinki, Finland). Participation in the programme made it possible to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of phenomenon-oriented approach as state educational programme at all levels of education (from kindergarten to university) as well as include elements of this program in ISI educational model.