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Our achievements

All graduates of International School "Istochnik" successfully passed the stages of state certification and continue their studies in higher educational institutions. 


Vocal groups of the school such as "Music Ola" and "Fantasia" regularly take part in creative contests and festivals, occupying prestigious places and winning in various categories. The school is a permanent participant in the festival-competition "Holy Source," the city competition "Christmas Star," the festival of talents "Star of Aviation", and many others.


An important achievement of our school is the carefully developed environmental policy. The work is aimed not only at theoretical training of students but also at the implementation of research projects. Our students, together with specialists, take active part in the conservation and enhancement of the flora and fauna of the school forest and parkland zones. They wood the school territory, feed the squirrels, and look after  the school artificial pond in which fish live.


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There are many children among our students who are engaged in such sports as taekwondo, tennis, motocross and karate at professional level. They participate in various regional and all-russian competitions and tournaments in their age groups. Our students have already won a great number of cups, medals and diplomas.


The students of "Istochnik" do not remain indifferent to other people's problems and always strive to help. Charity Christmas fairs are regularly held at the school, where children gladly sell and buy crafts made with their own hands. The funds received are transferred to persons in need of help. It is also a good tradition to help and visit animal shelters.