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“Summer cottages”

Summer camp "Istochnik" is the territory of childhood, filled with energy and youth!  It is one friendly family, a world in which it is always interesting. It is a golden battery that will supply your children with light and warmth throughout the year!  The heart of "Istochnik" is cheerful counselors and wise teachers, guardians of childhood, who know the recipe for children's happiness.

During the summer sessions, the children are involved in a kaleidoscope of various events, where every day is filled with new communication, impressions, and meetings with interesting people. We write together the history of Istochnik, and always have an opportunity to smile, learn, be surprised and inspired ….  and feel important, needed, significant.


Summer in "Istochnik" camp is always cheerful, noisy, and colorful. It is the time for discovery and adventure, the time for play and work, the time for learning new people, and most importantly, yourself.


15 years of successful work
Passionate team of professionals
Ecology of the environment, ecology of relationships, ecology of personality
75% of children come to our camp more than twice
Unique programmes
Child's Safety means Parents' emotional security
Three-in-one: harmonious development of a child’s personality, unbelievable discoveries, and cheerful entertainments
Jolly English
New Leisure Activities for New Generation

How to purchase a voucher

  • Step1

    To conclude an agreement, you need to send scans of the following documents to email

    Child's birth certificate

    Parent's passport

    Certificate of insurance

    Completed agreements


  • Step2

    Within 3 days, the scan of your agreement on purchasing  ISI summer camp voucher will be sent to your e-mail address.

  • Step3

    You make a non-cash payment using the details specified in your agreement

    Payment options:
    - On Sberbank on-line. Section Payments-Education-International School “Istochnik” (for summer camp)
    - In any other bank. According to the details of your agreement
    Original documents can be obtained from the school's accounts office.

  • Step4

    Our administrator will contact you shortly

    You can obtain more information by phone on:




Sessions 2020

Session 1 Big break. Russo-turisto.

What to do during a big break? What if…

It's awesome to go on a great journey, together with true friends and wise mentors, to the most interesting places of our vast homeland and immerse yourself in a series of extraordinary and exciting adventures!

But also it’s great to pave your own way in creativity and sports, manifest your existing knowledge and skills and get new ones, learn how to overcome difficulties, find like-minded people and know the value of true friendship.

Session 2 Game is a big deal!

The program is designed for modern children and adolescents seeking communication, development and self-expression, who want to make full use of their time and energy.

Game is a natural world of development, in which we learn what it means to take responsibility for ourselves, for the team, for what is happening around us.

In a large thematic game, saturated with intellectual, sports, creative events, every child will be able to find a place and a role for himself. Everybody will be able to achieve success, discover new personal qualities, acquire useful knowledge and skills, and open new horizons of development.

Session 3 Always prepared! Revival.

The program aims to revive the old traditions of pioneer camps.

Through socially significant actions and collective-creative activity, the main idea of the change is revealed – the formation of the citizenship position of children who are patriots of their country as well as fostering respect for national memory.

Justice, kindness, loyal friendship, willingness to stand up for the truth and responsibility for their actions are the real code of honor of children in Istochnik. They will have many opportunities to apply the effect of this code by taking part in the events of the change.

Everyone will try to assess their abilities to lead a squad, become an organizer and inspirer of life in their team.