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The traditions of “Istochnik” school create good fame for it, its style, originality and uniqueness. Some of them are quite new, while others are well-established and strong.  And the main chroniclers and keepers of the school traditions and rituals are students and teachers themselves. 

  • Newspaper "Magic Carriage".  Kind, bright, and sincere children's polyphony.  A “screen”, where everything is visible, contains not only traces of the past, but also announcements, and a key for future affairs. 
  • Tea ceremony.  A pleasant meeting over tea with special rituals and heeart-to-heart talks.  Its target tasks are psychoecology of the personality through the integrative work of the sensory apparatus (taste, color, aromatic smell), oxygenation of brain cells, work with images, and teaching etiquette. 
  • "Springs: Book of the Path".  Collection of creative works of children and adults dedicated to graduates.  It is a unique and special book containing the most memorable chapters from school life.  This book is a traditional graduation gift. 
  • Student initiation ceremony.  The solemn event of admitting first graders to Students, followed by giving the attributes with school symbols - blue ties, badges and personalized gifts. 
  • Christmas Charity Fair is a joyous common cause aimed at providing gratuitous aid to those inneed. 
  • Whole School Hike.  A long-awaited traditional event that marks the beginning and end of school year.  These are always exciting routes, full of games, entertainment, competitions, quests, and songs. 
  • Tradition is the part of our past that we help to move into the future.  (Victor Krotov) 

  • Child-parent days.  Joint family events, which can be sportive, creative, and intellectual, are the path to successful teamplay of family and school.
  • Child's life diary.  Correspondence of children, teachers and parents, which gives students an opportunity to learn new things about themselves. The information has a friendly and businesslike style. It sets a benchmark for the next level or correctly harmonizes the current state of children. 
  • Tree of development (individual or class tree).  It is students’ “mirror of success”.  A tree leaf is given for developing some new skill or gaining knowledge;  a branch - for the formation of a stable new personal quality. 
  • Reflective circle.  It is the time when whole class gets together in a circle.  The theme matches events of a day.  In the mornings, goals and deeds of the day are indicated;  mood, settings for the day through a catch phrase and affirmation.  In the evenings - reflection on how pupils managed to realize their goals: what exactly they did;  what they felt;  how it helped them, their classmates or schoolmates;  what else can be done, etc. 
  • Schoolwide recreative gymnastics “Spirit flair".  It is developed on the basis of asynthesis of eastern and western approaches to health preservation, which is carried out daily with the aim of attracting children to “inner silence” and the coming day. 
  • Collected works of school students.  These works can be replenished by everyone: children themselves, teachers, school staff, family members, neighbors... 
  • Holidays.  It is both a kind of peculiar form of spiritual self-expression and self-enrichment  and creative cooperation of the school trinity - teacher, student, parent, and, which is most importantly a special state of mind, a need to share the joy of being with others, the need to be together.