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Extracurricular activities

We strive to ensure that ISI basic education and extracurricular activities of children are equal, complementary components, thereby creating a single educational space, which is necessary for full personal development of each child in all the richness of his/her needs and interests.

In the afternoon, ISI provides students with a variety of creative studios, workshops, educational courses, and intensities that allow each child to realize individual developmental routes, providing them with situations of success, and promoting their self-knowledge and self-realization.

Every child's soul has invisible strings. If you touch them with a skillful hand, they will sound beautiful. (V. Sukhomlinsky)  

  • Programmes of the artistic and aesthetic cycle are aimed at supporting and developing children's creativity, emotional and value attitude to the world, culture, and art. At our school, all students practise their skills at classes in  Drama, Choreography, Magic Clay, and Pottery. In addition, musical education of our pupils is of particular importance in Istochnik. School has several music rooms equipped with high-quality musical instruments, modern audio/video equipment and multimedia equipment. Students are offered classes of choice: piano or  guitar lessons, vocal studio or choir singing.

  • Physical development of our schoolchildren is based on the concept of "body culture," which is laid down for life. Students are happy to attend sports clubs in football, volleyball, and martial arts, play golf and tennis.

  • At our Chess Club, students study to think 4 steps ahead, develop strategies, make decisions and achieve their goals. Classes take place not only in the school building but also on a big chess board specially created on our school territory.

  • Modern society needs creative people who are capable of thinking “outside the box”. Theory of Solving Inventive Problems (TRIZ) is one of the most significant tools in building flexible thinking and fantasy.

  • In meeting new challenges, ISI creates the conditions for the development of children’s technical creativity  (Robotics, Design, School of Computer Graphics, Fundamentals of 3D -modeling, Programming, Information Security).

  • In order to form scientific picture of the world, to acquire practical skills in nature conservation and rational nature management, ISI implements programs of Natural Sciences. An integrated laboratory platform has been created and equipped for organizing scientific, practical and experimental activities.

  • Our students are always interested in intellectual game "Debates”, which contributes to the development of oratory, research and organizational skills, creative qualities as well as general cultural outlook.