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The Finnish school model

The Finnish school model has long been of great interest: each child is in the spotlight, no home assignment, a minimum of standardization...

Phenomenon-based learning is one of the most striking Finnish innovations that allows taking a new look at educational process.
Any object, event, or concept can be a phenomenon. Mother Earth, a bicycle, a lake ... The main thing is to figure out what makes this phenomenon and what wider things are behind it.

The authors of the idea argue that this approach is more effective. It allows students to form skills necessary for life: critical thinking, creativity, ability to team work, and innovative solutions.

We have decided to introduce phenomenon-oriented learning. Subject teachers consider a phenomenon from different angles. For example, our students study the solar system and make calculations in mathematics, solve problems on space topics, write stories about space in the Russian language, study the names of planets and stars in English. The topic is explored in arts and technologies through drawing and designing rockets.

Our students have reacted positively to all the innovations and gladly joined the work!

Do you think that phenomenon-based learning will take root in Russian schools?