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And again, to study and teach …

September 1st! Wonderful September morning! The sun of your smiles is shining bright! The mood is cloudless. The air temperature warms the hearts. A warm front of good and sincere words is moving towards us. "Istochnik" welcomes all participants in the new school year!

Day of Knowledge. There is nothing more perfect than to learn, perceive, and study. And memorize the wise lines for the entire life...

What is so special about this holiday? What is its magic?

The answer is simple. EVERYONE, young and old, is involved in it. It affects everyone. Such a day took place in the life of each person.

Someone is nostalgic for the past.  Someone will enter school for the first time. Someone is preparing their children for school and is no less excited about this event.

In any case, it is always a kind of start for all of us - start of great aspiration, the beginning of a glorious path that will be a step to a new height!

And our firm friends, who are always nearby, will be of great support for us. We are pleased to take the congratulations of Volga-Dnepr airlines General Director Igor Borisovich Aksyonov.

Our dear students! Together we will navigate towards our common goal!

Together we will learn and teach. And again secrets, discoveries, and victories will be awaiting us.

Happy Holiday! Happy Day of Knowledge !