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Happy Teacher’s Day!

Who teaches us to look for the answer to the eternal children's question "WHY" on our own?

Who always tries to put in years knowledge in students’ heads within one lesson, using the full range of their ligaments?

Who cannot live a day without informing parents of children’s various achievements?

Who has to act as an educator, public figure, psychologist, philologist, politician and artist in one lesson?

Well, of course, these are our dear teachers! And we say thank you! You teach us to learn, appreciate, respect, believe...

Every day we hear from you the words that are necessary and important to us: Well done! Great! Pleasantly surprised! Great invented! Keep it up! I'm confident in you!

And today we want to return your words to you. You are wonderful, gorgeous, cool! You are admirable, and we are proud of you!

Happy teacher's day!

Your students!