The path of our school is a kind of chronicle of school life, a living history in deeds, traditions, people, victories and achievements.  Celebrating our 15th birthday, we can state with confidence that our school has convincingly proved its relevance in the modern educational services market.  Every year it is becoming more beautiful and comfortable. We preserve everything of value that was developed by teachers and students. The school upholds all the traditions that are the main reference point for all of us in the teaching/learning process.  And everyone who studied or studies in it can proudly say: "This is my school!"

Key milestones:

  • The idea of creating "Istochnik" school, which implements a personality-oriented concept, was born long before its opening.  A working group headed by I.A.  Yakovleva was formed  with the support of Ulyanovsk State University (UlSU).  The school's ideology is based on the best educational technologies and corporate ethics of Volga-Dnepr Airlines.  First of all, the school was created for the children of the airline employees in order to transfer its experience and culture.

  • March 2005 - creation of the Concept of a individual spiritually-oriented approach in the education of a primary school student.

  • August 19, 2005 - obtaining the status of a licensed school for preschool and primary education.

  • September 1, 2005 -  “Istochnik” corporate primary school of Volga - Dnepr Airlines was opened.

  • June 2006 - opening of the summer recreational and educational project "Summer Cottages" on the basis of school "Istochnik".

  • January 2007 - signing of a framework agreement between Volga-Dnepr Airlines and Ulyanovsk State University (UlGU) on cooperation in this area.

  • January 2008 - joining Corporate University of Volga-Dnepr Airlines as a school-laboratory at the Faculty of Humanities at UlSU.

  • June 2008 – entering into partnership with Federal Scientific Institution "Center for Research on Education Problems, Formation of Healthy Lifestyle, Drug Abuse Prevention, Social and Pedagogical Support of Children and Youth", Moscow.

  • May 2009 - creation of the first printed book of school "Istochnik" - "Springs: Book of the Path". This is a unique, special book in which the most memorable chapters from school life are collected.

  • December 2009 – implementation of large-scale creative project "Give a holiday to children" together with  Volga-Dnepr Airlines team of specialists (production of New Year's performances for company employees’ children and all visitors).  

  • June 2010 - registration of autonomous non-profit educational organization “Basic General Author’s School "Istochnik".

  • July 2010 - joining the Association of Zankov’s professionals at Federal Scientific and Methodological Center named after L.V.  Zankov (Moscow).

  • September 2011 - opening of a new school building in Leninsky of Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhsky district.

  • April 2012 - joining Association of International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools of the CIS countries and obtaining the status of "Associated School".

  • November 2012 – entering the top-100 best schools in Russia.

  • September 2013 - Accreditation for all educational programs that ensure the continuity of the educational process.

  • To cherish the memory of others is to leave a good memory of yourself.  (D. Likhachev)

  • July 2014 - obtaining international accreditation for IB DP (certificate dated 09.07.2014, Switzerland, Geneva).

  • September 2014 - beginning of the educational program implementationin accordance with the international IB standard.

  • December 2014 - Acquisition of the International School status.

  • June 2015 - the first graduation from the Russian program.

  • July 2016 - first graduation under the IB DP program.  The list of universities that have sent invitations to study: University of Kent, University of Essex, University of Edinburgh, Oxford Brooks University, Plymouth University, University of Greenwich, University of Central Lancashire, University of Glasgow, University of Derby, Cardiff Metropolitan University.  The graduates' choices - University of Edinburgh, MGIMO, Kazan Federal University.

  • 2016 - 2017 - participation of the school in International IB conferences (Moscow/Russia), Barcelona/Spain), Orlando/USA), aimed at professional communication and sharing best practices in the field of international education.

  • 2018 - participation of the school in International Methodological Teachers’ Association for professional development in innovative teaching and learning (Leisen, Switzerland).   Topical issues of using innovative technologies in educational environment were considered. 

  • May 2019 - the first primary school graduation.

  • 2019 – participation of the school teachers in course  "Fundamentals of humane-personal approach to children in educational process" by S. Amonashvili ("Academy of Pedagogical Art and Socialization") in order to master theory of humane pedagogy as well as ways of its application in professional practice.

  • November 2020 - Participation of the school specialists in educational marathon "Phenomenon-oriented learning" (Helsinki, Finland) to study Finnish education system and incorporate elements of the technology into educational model of the school. 

  • 2020 International School "Istochnik" is 15 years old.  Nowadays it is a prestigious educational institution with its own traditions, educational technologies, unique methods and an interesting, eventful life.