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Your choice is the future of your child!

The task of our school is to teach every child to learn with joy and meaning; to teach how to use the necessary knowledge and be an active "manager" of their future!

Developing Outlook
and Intelligence

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Our children learn
with joy

We teach children to be "managers"
of their future

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Individual approach

school safety

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Innovations and Values

Arts and Creativity

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Love and Care

Individual approach

Quality education


IELTS preparation


The Finnish school model

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Woohoo! It is a holiday time with us!

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Happy Teacher’s Day!

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Technical Facilities

Quality Nutrition

Medical Care

Safety and Security

About us
About us
School “Istochnik”

About us

International School Istochnik (ISI) is a school for those who want to give their children decent education, eventful childhood and great prospects.

The development and upbringing of children is the meaning of all our activities. It is important for us to form moral values, independence, responsibility, initiative, ability to analyze and solve problems in children. We try to maintain an atmosphere of benevolence, reasonable demanding and sincere respect for everyone.

ISI educators adhere to certain principles of success throughout the school's existence. We are convinced that every student has talent, and we strive to provide stimulating and enriching learning environment for all the students, considering everyone as a separate personality. The educational